I couldn't go out without wearing my favorite shade of lipstick which is matte pink. As much as possible I don't want to wear any make-up, especially lipstick coz I want to look natural and simple. But I just can't pull it off without it, I feel so dull and lifeless. My upper lip is black while the lower lip is pink and I'm not even smoking. My friend was the one who recommended this product to me and I'm so glad she did. Now I can go au naturale, I just wash my face and look fresh.

- Arista


I have a natural dark lips. It's been like that since I was a kid and it runs in my family. At first I didn't mind it coz I still feel pretty and confident. I knew that my features are beautiful. When I started applying make-up on that's when I realize how important it is to have red lips and how much improvement it gives to one's face. I read about Dark Lips Magic from forums and I decided to give it a try. I didn't notice any change until my 2nd week of application when it started to depigment. After about 3 months, my lips went from brownish to luscious red.

- Jamie


I used Dark Lips Magic a month before my wedding day coz I wanted to look fresh and natural for my honeymoon. I wasn't disappointed. After a week of application, the dark pigments on my lips were already breaking down. Amazing! A week before my wedding day, my lips were already red, the dark spots gone.

- Therese


I used to have dark spots on my upper lip and the sides of my lower lip. This made me feel very insecure. Whenever I'm talking to someone I have this habit of biting my lips and licking it in my attempts to hide it. My friend recommended Dark Lips Magic to me. I got really excited from the time I heard about it. Never did I know there's a treatment for dark lips. I thought I would suffer all my life with it. So as soon as I used it, I knew it was working coz I felt a tingly sensation. After about 2 weeks my lips were already lightening. I got my desired lip tone after just 2 months.

- Lourdes


I've been a chain smoker since I was a teenager and my lips have turned dark and dry. I tried applying Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly, and though it really helped in softening my lips, it did nothing to lighten it. So my lips became soft but dark. I can't quit smoking. I found this product while googling and read really good reviews. I was determined to try it for myself. I wasn't disappointed. After just a week, my lips were already lightening. So now, after 3 months, my lips are completely clear of dark spots :)

- Nancy